Jade Esteban Estrada 

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  "Las Vegas headliner Jade Esteban Estrada aka The Prada Enchilada is a well-crafted and seasoned comedian who has performed all over the world. With a long list of notable accomplishments as an actor, writer, and comic, he has proven to be one of the industry's must-see comics."
  - Laredo Morning News

"Don't miss featuring headliner Jade Esteban Estrada...the singer and stand-up comedian is sure to make for an evening of fun and laughs."

  - Pensacola's Downtown Crowd


"Although many were labelled as 'trash' for appearing as a guest on the famous show, some people made the most of the overall experience. A good example of this is comedian Jade Esteban Estrada who used the show to enter the mainstream spotlight. The entertainer first appeared on the programme as a dancer, but this marked the beginning of a successful show business career—as well as a massive step towards public acceptance for his community."

  - Daily Star UK
  "Estrada’s range and flexibility as an artist are his greatest strengths and the source of accolades."
  - San Antonio Current
  "A significant part of Estrada’s career has been writing and performing in one-man shows..."
  - Out in SA
  "In his successful one-man shows, Estrada frequently portrays historically gay people."
  - BroadwayWorld
  "Show-biz dynamo Jade Esteban Estrada..."
  - San Antonio Express-News
  "Jade Esteban Estrada has a vast experience as performer, choreographer, comedian, director and artistic director."
  - Arts Alive San Antonio
  "Opening the Cinco de Mayo program is Jade Esteban Estrada (aka The Prada Enchilada), who has headlined over 250 Pride events worldwide, which may explain his onstage love of velvet tuxedos and bright pink feather boas. He has also performed at numerous comedy festivals, including the very prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe."
  - Tahoe Daily Tribune
  "Jade Esteban Estrada takes you on a hilarious, musical trip through time with the most notable names in lesbian and gay history."
  - ABC Action News/WFTS Tampa Bay
  “Pageant host Jade Esteban Estrada reviewed his handwritten notes before applying his outsize eyelashes with the ease of long experience.”
  - Albuquerque Journal
  "Estrada has been an integral part of the recent international burlesque revival and has toured the globe (including headlining appearances in Vienna, Warsaw, Munich and Edinburgh) to impressive reviews."
  - Broadway World
  “...a hilarious performance...I couldn’t think of a better way to start Pride weekend. Estrada portrays Sappho, Michelangelo, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Rivera and Ellen DeGeneres in a showcase of LGBT history."
  - Watermark
  “It’s almost by stepping on stage he made the sun come out. When he started to sing, you could see people in all parts of the park turn around and start to come back toward the stage. He brought people to him, which if you know Jade, that’s something that he does very, very well.”
  - Out in Jersey
  "Jade Esteban Estrada, charming local raconteur and boa enthusiast..."
  - San Antonio Current
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