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December 6, 2014

First of all, I would like to thank the judges and audience members of this year's Great Southern Exposure Burlesque and Variety Pageant for crowning me 2015 King of the Great Southern Exposure. Thank you to Big Mamma Productions and all the burlesque supporters of Charlotte, North Carolina for this great honor. I hope to continue to bring the gospel of boylesque to new fans of the genre all over the world. Thank you to my teachers and all my comedy fans who have encouraged me on this special journey.

- Jade Esteban Estrada




November 20, 2014

On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, I pray for the victims of anti-transgender brutality. Much love to all my transgender friends, near and far.

- Jade Esteban Estrada




April 15, 2014

After working as a hired gun for the troupe since 2009, I am thrilled to announce that, as of today, I am now an official member of the award-winning collective of headliners known as the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue. I look forward to continued performances with this troupe that I've admired now for many years.

- Jade Esteban Estrada



April 12, 2014

Detroit, Michigan has always been a city very near to my heart so it's a great honor to have been awarded the title of Big Boylesquer 2014 at Michigan's 2nd Annual Spring Fling Burlesque Festival. I look forward to a thrilling, year-long reign with Miss Spring Diva 2014 Jezabelle Von Jane of Birmingham, Alabama. Congratulations to producer Lady Dee Luxxx for making this burleque festival one of the best in the country through her sheer hard work and dedication. Jezabelle and I love you, Motor City!

- Pretty Boy Rock



March 11, 2014

Time has taught me that the only occasion one should ever write a letter of recommendation is when a person has worked hard to earn it. Acting Master Class Series alum Huxley Rain Garrett, who was accepted this week into the Meisner Summer Intensive Program at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts in New York on a full scholarship, truly earned it and then some.

All the best to you, Huxley!

- Jade Esteban Estrada



January 1, 2014

As a former boy scout, I commend the Boy Scouts of America and their updated policy of accepting openly gay youth into their ranks. The opportunity to learn and grow under the umbrella of such an established, all-American organization is something that should be afforded to everyone.

- Jade Esteban Estrada




December 24, 2013

Nearly sixty years after his death, mathematician Alan Turing has been pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II of England for the 1952 charges of homosexuality. Not only did his contributions to the World War II effort help save countless lives, but his hand in the history of computer science can be felt in our daily experience. I only wish he was here to see this. The earth is a better, safer place thanks to Alan Turing.

- Jade Esteban Estrada




December 18, 2013

As as vegan, I have actually encountered more discrimination and rudeness from people than I ever have as a gay man or a Mexican.

- Jade Esteban Estrada



December 6, 2013

In his life, Nelson Mandela was an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things. May he always shine in the pages of our history books as an inspiration to not only future leaders but to the dutiful common man who too must walk through the eye of the storm. He left our generation with hope and we couldn't be more grateful.

- Jade Esteban Estrada












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